The Break Tribe’


Hey am back… ok let’s play a game… what’s the latest song that’s playing on your mind… hmm… ok I know the predictable answer… it’s obviously the new party number of Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra song “Tenu Kala Chashma”. Ok Ok now stop dancing and get back to serious business.

Well have you noticed Katrina’s outfit in that song… no no don’t think that I’m telling you to wear that and flaunt them on the streets, but it had that element of swag with it… teaming up a Maharashtrian attire with sunglasses… whoa… now that’s something different and today our blog is being ‘different’ yet stylish!


Welcome to ‘The Break Tribe’ !!

Confused at the name… and yes isn’t it quirky too! Don’t worry I am not making another tribe of people and making them wear weird clothes and headgear, in fact this title is something about tribal yet different look. Sometimes when you are getting ready to go either to office or to a party, don’t you wish that you could wear something else which shows a different style of you rather than just wearing the same mundane, monotonous clothes that define you. Don’t you feel that you should just take a ‘break’ from your regular skin fit tops and dresses and try something different, something you have never given a thought about earlier, which of course doesn’t make you look awkward and still remains stylish.




Yes, all you girls I have that solution for you. Try this mustard cum black top and team it with a black palazzo. Give it a little ethnic touch by wearing wooden bangles, the famous Kolapuri Chappals and for the final swag don’t forget to add a dash of colour by ‘Rangeen Chasma’ (reflectors).

Yo! So you are ready to swag and groove … you look like a different woman… go face the world with that confidence.

Ciao till our next blog… till then keep it simple and stylish!!

Top: Street Market
Palazzo: AND

Earrings: Dilli Haat
Footwear: Jaipur Street Market
Bangles: Dilli Haat
Reflectors: Ray Ban

Thanks for visiting 🙂
Good vibes to all #theuniverse




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