The Grey Affair !


Well well I know I am very late in writing this blog and hopefully many of you must be waiting anxiously to see what I am going to write next. I don’t have many excuses, but yes I can blame it on the weather. Although this weather is great for us and our crops but sometimes with the dark and gloomy clouds, you become a little gloomy too and you just want to snuggle and cuddle in your bed under your blanket and just lie there… I know you must be feeling gloomy too as you are reading this, so I thought of snapping it out and blending myself with the weather. And what better option than to run towards my cupboard and take out the colour of the present weather- GREY!!


As a colour, Grey has been misunderstood quite a lot and some people even don’t like to wear it as they feel it can upset their mood. But sometimes this colour can boost your confidence and I can say it quite proudly as I wear this stunner dress. The very first thing that attracts you towards this one piece dress is the colour and the fitting. The fitting is up to the mark and is like a cherry on the cake.

The ¾ sleeve knee length dress compliments my thin frame and to break the monotony of the solid colour, I paired them with Golden Kitten heels which looked absolutely stunning and made the dress all the more classy and elegant. My motto in life is minimal styling and that’s why I choose to accessorise it only with light colour earrings and a watch.


The whole package looked so classy that it can be worn to an informal brunch with friends or to a formal meeting. So go grab this look before it becomes outdated !!



Dress: Zara
Heels: Lifestyle
Watch: Aspen

Thanks for visiting
Good vibes to all #theuniverse


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