In Her Boots.

Hello family,

Ever since 2017 began, I’ve been so drowned in work, that I haven’t been able to be active. February, the month of love has finally started thus time for a new blog. It has been long that I posted but I am going to make it up to you guys by posting something you all will love.

One should never stop experimenting with fashion. The season of not so cold is here! With the leaves falling and there being light sunshine, nature itself adopts a sort of vibrant look. So, today’s post is in collaboration with “H&M”. In an attempt to solve the dilemma of what to wear in this season once and for all, I set out to find myself an outfit that is appealing and minimal, and yet manages to look just perfect for every kind of event. The collection of H&M is very graceful and easy going. Talking about this dress, the colour combination makes it dynamic.

The handbag from “Ccha” is the best thing I experimented. There are various other colours of this bag which are available on online stores like, Flipkart, Amazon etc. I chose to go for black as it is one of my favourite colour as well as this colour helps you to carry your outfits in all manner, be it a party, a formal meeting or a casual day out!



I preferred to amalgamate these two as one can carry this anywhere being in your comfort zone and also it made this dress more versatile one.

I have also opted to showcase the leather high boots trend, which made this outfit a classic one. And lastly, I finished off the look with a pair of aviator I have been obsessed with lately!
Hope you all like it.

I loved the collection way too much, let’s see how much you like it. Do comment down below with your reviews.



Dress:        H&M
Glasses:    RayBan
Watch:       Aspen
Handbag:  Ccha
Footwear: Urbane

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Good vibes to all #theuniverse


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