Paint it BLACK()

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day…


Black is the colour of coal 
A substance that is worth as much as gold
Black is the colour of the night 
In it I see the stars to bright
My Black is flawless…

Well you must be thinking that Valentine’s Day is near and I am talking all about Black… Well this Valentine try out something new and while you may be scurrying to make last-minute plans; your dress, hair and makeup are things you need to worry about.


That’s right… Valentine’s Day is stressful enough, so your outfit should be a no-brainer: wear what makes you feel best. And whether you love or despise the holiday, you’ve got to admit it, it’s always a fun reason to get dolled up and experiment with a new style. So that’s why I am bringing you complete sweet and flirtatious Valentine’s look. The colour black has charisma of its own. This look is something you might choose if you really want to make your date’s heart flutter.


It’s bit sexier with winged eye liner, a bold red lip, and vintage-inspired waves.
I recommend you to go easy with the accessories this time around. After all, less is more!
With date nights ranging from all-night dancing to romantic bar crawls, comfort should be your top most thing… and this dress has it all. So, this Valentine’s Day, pick this simple outfit from my all-time favourite “H&M”. Pair it up with black bold heel boots. And you can choose to leave your hair open or tie it up, either way, your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you this time!



Dress:        H&M
Glasses:    RayBan
Watch:      Michael Kors

Rings:        Forever21
Footwear: Gifted”

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Good vibes to all #theuniverse


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