Pop Of Yellow

At times, we plan on wearing something basic! If you wanna go out for lunch, an outing or an event; everyone tries to make the outfit look dressy and outstanding, sounding skeptical, right? But trust me wearing normal basics is not your solution.

But wearing basic with a pop of colours is the best idea.



Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum. It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other colour. It has been my favourite colour since childhood. Thus, for this outfit, I decided to go for a Batman printed top which I bought from Sarojni Nagar, just for Rs. 100 :D, making it more attractive and quirky.




Since the outfit had a mixture of colours hence, I decided to go for a normal black footwear with a touch of gold. I didn’t want any statement bold accessory as that would be too loud for this outfit as my main focus was on to make the outfit stand out of the crowd.

Thus, I end up going for something subtle yet stylish making the look complete and not boring with this black tote bag, it’s so different, smart and chic. I always want to try this with all my outfits.



Top:             Sarojini Nagar
Shorts:        Thailand Street
Watch:        Fossil
Handbag:   Ccha
Footwear:  Urbane

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Black & Blue>



Summer is here and we’re so ready to embrace the biggest fashion trends of 2017.

The cold shoulder trend still remains huge, some patterned tees and of-course how can we forget the on-going pompom style; 80s party wear and the slogan T-shirt will be your new go-to wardrobe essential.

I’ve curated few trends that will most influence your wardrobe choices (not worrying about your bank balance) this year.

If you need some cute summer outfit ideas here is the one that you’ll love. You’ll find a number of posts on summer essentials, from bright colour dress to off-the-shoulder tops, breezy tunics to colourful cover-ups, not to mention suggestions for totes, hats, and some fun jewellery to jazz up your outfit.

This posts is all about on styling a dark coloured clothes in summer and how to wear sheer jeggings in the party. See how a normal off-shoulder top can be styled into a cute summer outfit appropriate for the casual place.

Whether you are at home or travelling, headed to the beach or a foreign country, out on a casual or formal date, there is something here that will help you create stylish and cute summer outfits. I won’t be writing much for my posts this time but will be showcasing the summer style, it will be having more of the styling part this summer.

So, check out the blog post below; one of the cute yet smart summer outfit that is sure to get you look stylish.







Top:            Lillie by Ruthie
Pant:          Reliance Trends
Watch:       Aspen
Clutch:       Quirk Box
Footwear:  Street Market

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Last Winter Blush!

When Chekhov saw the long winter, he saw a winter bleak and dark and bereft of hope. Yet we know that winter is just another step in the cycle of life. But standing here among the people of Punxsutawney and basking in the warmth of their hearths and hearts, I couldn’t imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter.

-Phil, Groundhog Day

The last of sweater weather…

Good Evening Fashionistas!


Every year I know its coming and every year I still manage to face the same dilemma. You know what I mean, that time between winter and summer when it starts to become a little too cool to wear your big woolly coat but the one time you don’t, the not so cold weather.

As the seasons change from warm to cool or cool to warm so does the holiday season, which means planning parties and get-together’s with friends and families. Putting on something different is where you have a chance to truly shine and I want to make sure that this blog will help you to look incredible for your upcoming month end party. As you’ll probably gather from the outfits I have created, my style is minimal this time, so if that’s something you’re into, you should definitely stick around!


I have to say though, one of the main things that I think is great about simple style is that it is so attainable no matter what your budget is. I mean, I am definitely a believer in avoiding fast fashion and aim to spend a little bit more in a bid to attain a higher quality, but I still choose items that suit my budget.

I chose to pair long sweater with a set of stocking to make it look more stunning and eye catchy. And in not so cold weather just to give a style statement you can compliment the look with the high boots and a quirky clutch…





Further, let me know what your summer staples are! Will be working on my summer lookbook now… Stay tuned..

If it happens that you cannot
go on or turn back and you find yourself
where you will be at the end,
tell yourself
in that final flowing of cold through your limbs
that you love what you are !!


Sweater Dress: Allen Solly
Glasses:              RayBan
Watch:                Aspen
Clutch:                Quirk Box

Handbag:           Ccha
Footwear:           Urbane

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Paint it BLACK()

Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day…


Black is the colour of coal 
A substance that is worth as much as gold
Black is the colour of the night 
In it I see the stars to bright
My Black is flawless…

Well you must be thinking that Valentine’s Day is near and I am talking all about Black… Well this Valentine try out something new and while you may be scurrying to make last-minute plans; your dress, hair and makeup are things you need to worry about.


That’s right… Valentine’s Day is stressful enough, so your outfit should be a no-brainer: wear what makes you feel best. And whether you love or despise the holiday, you’ve got to admit it, it’s always a fun reason to get dolled up and experiment with a new style. So that’s why I am bringing you complete sweet and flirtatious Valentine’s look. The colour black has charisma of its own. This look is something you might choose if you really want to make your date’s heart flutter.


It’s bit sexier with winged eye liner, a bold red lip, and vintage-inspired waves.
I recommend you to go easy with the accessories this time around. After all, less is more!
With date nights ranging from all-night dancing to romantic bar crawls, comfort should be your top most thing… and this dress has it all. So, this Valentine’s Day, pick this simple outfit from my all-time favourite “H&M”. Pair it up with black bold heel boots. And you can choose to leave your hair open or tie it up, either way, your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you this time!



Dress:        H&M
Glasses:    RayBan
Watch:      Michael Kors

Rings:        Forever21
Footwear: Gifted”

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In Her Boots.

Hello family,

Ever since 2017 began, I’ve been so drowned in work, that I haven’t been able to be active. February, the month of love has finally started thus time for a new blog. It has been long that I posted but I am going to make it up to you guys by posting something you all will love.

One should never stop experimenting with fashion. The season of not so cold is here! With the leaves falling and there being light sunshine, nature itself adopts a sort of vibrant look. So, today’s post is in collaboration with “H&M”. In an attempt to solve the dilemma of what to wear in this season once and for all, I set out to find myself an outfit that is appealing and minimal, and yet manages to look just perfect for every kind of event. The collection of H&M is very graceful and easy going. Talking about this dress, the colour combination makes it dynamic.

The handbag from “Ccha” is the best thing I experimented. There are various other colours of this bag which are available on online stores like, Flipkart, Amazon etc. I chose to go for black as it is one of my favourite colour as well as this colour helps you to carry your outfits in all manner, be it a party, a formal meeting or a casual day out!



I preferred to amalgamate these two as one can carry this anywhere being in your comfort zone and also it made this dress more versatile one.

I have also opted to showcase the leather high boots trend, which made this outfit a classic one. And lastly, I finished off the look with a pair of aviator I have been obsessed with lately!
Hope you all like it.

I loved the collection way too much, let’s see how much you like it. Do comment down below with your reviews.



Dress:        H&M
Glasses:    RayBan
Watch:       Aspen
Handbag:  Ccha
Footwear: Urbane

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The Grey Affair !


Well well I know I am very late in writing this blog and hopefully many of you must be waiting anxiously to see what I am going to write next. I don’t have many excuses, but yes I can blame it on the weather. Although this weather is great for us and our crops but sometimes with the dark and gloomy clouds, you become a little gloomy too and you just want to snuggle and cuddle in your bed under your blanket and just lie there… I know you must be feeling gloomy too as you are reading this, so I thought of snapping it out and blending myself with the weather. And what better option than to run towards my cupboard and take out the colour of the present weather- GREY!!


As a colour, Grey has been misunderstood quite a lot and some people even don’t like to wear it as they feel it can upset their mood. But sometimes this colour can boost your confidence and I can say it quite proudly as I wear this stunner dress. The very first thing that attracts you towards this one piece dress is the colour and the fitting. The fitting is up to the mark and is like a cherry on the cake.

The ¾ sleeve knee length dress compliments my thin frame and to break the monotony of the solid colour, I paired them with Golden Kitten heels which looked absolutely stunning and made the dress all the more classy and elegant. My motto in life is minimal styling and that’s why I choose to accessorise it only with light colour earrings and a watch.


The whole package looked so classy that it can be worn to an informal brunch with friends or to a formal meeting. So go grab this look before it becomes outdated !!



Dress: Zara
Heels: Lifestyle
Watch: Aspen

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The Break Tribe’


Hey am back… ok let’s play a game… what’s the latest song that’s playing on your mind… hmm… ok I know the predictable answer… it’s obviously the new party number of Katrina Kaif and Siddharth Malhotra song “Tenu Kala Chashma”. Ok Ok now stop dancing and get back to serious business.

Well have you noticed Katrina’s outfit in that song… no no don’t think that I’m telling you to wear that and flaunt them on the streets, but it had that element of swag with it… teaming up a Maharashtrian attire with sunglasses… whoa… now that’s something different and today our blog is being ‘different’ yet stylish!


Welcome to ‘The Break Tribe’ !!

Confused at the name… and yes isn’t it quirky too! Don’t worry I am not making another tribe of people and making them wear weird clothes and headgear, in fact this title is something about tribal yet different look. Sometimes when you are getting ready to go either to office or to a party, don’t you wish that you could wear something else which shows a different style of you rather than just wearing the same mundane, monotonous clothes that define you. Don’t you feel that you should just take a ‘break’ from your regular skin fit tops and dresses and try something different, something you have never given a thought about earlier, which of course doesn’t make you look awkward and still remains stylish.




Yes, all you girls I have that solution for you. Try this mustard cum black top and team it with a black palazzo. Give it a little ethnic touch by wearing wooden bangles, the famous Kolapuri Chappals and for the final swag don’t forget to add a dash of colour by ‘Rangeen Chasma’ (reflectors).

Yo! So you are ready to swag and groove … you look like a different woman… go face the world with that confidence.

Ciao till our next blog… till then keep it simple and stylish!!

Top: Street Market
Palazzo: AND

Earrings: Dilli Haat
Footwear: Jaipur Street Market
Bangles: Dilli Haat
Reflectors: Ray Ban

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